Secret To Life, The Japanese Story.

Japanese life expectancy is the highest in the world with men having an average life span of 78 years while women have 85 years. For the past 20 years, the life expectancy of Japanese women has been ranked the highest in the world. One might now ask, what is the secret behind this longevity of life that Japanese people enjoy? This question has been going on for so many years and there have been many answers to it. But the most important of the answers was the one from a Japanese professor called Yasuo Kagawa at Jichi Medical School in Tochigi prefecture Japan. In order to answer this question, the professor conducted a research and came to a final conclusion that Japanese have a low cholesterol blood content. We all know how high level of cholesterol can be harmful to the human body and could lead to deadly health issues. He compared the Japanese cholesterol content with that of Americans and the result showed the American nutritions have high cholesterol content.

Now another question to be answered is, how do Japanese get to achieve such low cholesterol in their blood? The answers comes back to what I advocate each day, Eating healthy. He found out that Japanese foods contain very low cholesterol and that is the secret. As a Japanese who has dealt with food and Japanese nutrition, I can attest to the research and will say it is the truth. For example, in the restaurants that I go to teach or create menu, the most important questions that are being asked is how healthy will the Japanese people find this food. It is impossible for you to go to any Japanese breakfast, lunch or dinner table without finding one of these. 1. Seaweed 2. Vegetables 3. Raw fish (or Sushi component). What is important among these three things? They contain little or no cholesterol. Even though these have been successful in Japan it is unfortunate that many people around the world have not invested a lot in trying to adopt these eating habit. I would not blame anybody because sometime Japanese foods don not appear yummy like most western foods. However, below that non-yummy looking food is the secret to healthy long life. It is important to work out and do exercises. However, if you have not gotten in tune to eating the right things, working out and exercise can do little to help. Am not saying this because am Japanese but am saying it because I love life and healthy eating will give you a lovely and lasting life.

Now below are some basic Japanese food ingredients I will like you to get accustomed to: Eat Healthy and live longer.


Tofu: This is made from Soybean.





Prawn or Shellfish





Soba noodles: This is made from buckwheat flour.





Wakame Seaweed.





Shiitake- Mushroom.


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