Daikon Nimono!

Hello, All!

A little while back, I posted about Japanese pumpkin, Kabocha, nimono. Do you remember what nimono is? It is a Japanese method of cooking where you slow cook foods with traditional seasonings like dashi (stock), mirin, sake, and soy sauce, among other things.

Slow-Cooked Daikon Ajinomoto

Slow-Cooked Daikon

Daikon is not very common in countries other than Japan and the taste is often thought of to be very strong and tangy, like other typical radishes. However, if you cook it nimono-style, the Daikon is actually very soft and sweet! I love it and am excited to share the recipe with you!

Often times, instead of just cooking the Daikon alone, the Japanese will pair the daikon with a thick fish. However, I`ll just show you how to make the Daikon on its own and you can decide from there what you`d like to pair it with!

Daikon Nimono Recipe (Side dish):

-1 Large Daikon

-1tbsp sugar (I like healthy brown sugar)

2tbsp Ajinomoto Dashi

-1/4 cup sake

-1thumb size knob of fresh ginger, grated

-2tbsp soy sauce

1/2 cup water


1) Cut the daikon into 2cm thick chunks, and then cut those in half so you have half moon shapes.

2) Put the daikon into a large pot with the sugar, dashi, ginger, and sake. Cover with a lid.  Bring the heat up until the sake starts to boil, then put the heat on low to slow cook (there shouldn`t be much liquid in the pot, if you are wondering) for 15 minutes.

3) After 15 minutes, add in the soy sauce and water and slow cook for another 5-7 minutes, until the daikon is very soft (it should almost break apart when you touch it with your chopsticks).

4) Take off heat and you can eat it hot or wait for the flavors to continue to set in and eat it room temperature.




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